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Tips On Making Your Kid With Autism Get Ready For School

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For families, the transition to enable the child to get back to school can be challenging. They will believe that the first day of the child at school can be fine. With the new milestone of attending the school, parents can become very anxious. But as a parent, try things that will make you positive and calm because this can also reflect on your kid. Oftentimes, they are attuned to your behavior and they follow what you do and say. Here are some of the important things that will make your kid with autism get ready for school:

Communicate with Teachers

It is best to communicate and reach out to teachers at the eipic school singapore. You can send your child at school with a note of the things he can or can’t eat and the things he dislikes or likes. Don’t be scared to share with the teachers what are your wishes for your child for the school year. Teachers are open to this type of information. This can help alleviate the worries that you have for the first day.


Visit the School

You can visit the school premises and take some pictures. Practice, exposure, and rehearsal are effective ways on how you can work with your kid and get him ready for classes. Some of the schools provide much information on the first day. If they don’t, you can visit the school instead.


There are staffs present at the school to help you. Explain your condition so you can meet helpful people along the way. If the school is not open, you can walk or play with your child so he can get used to the sounds and sights. Sitting in the chairs and walking in the halls will give your kid a grasp of how was it like to attend school for the first time.

Adjust the Bedtime

Adjust your kid’s bedtime and morning routine. In addition, you can also adjust the expectations and sounds along the way. Through bus routine and trailing, you can figure out many things that you might miss versus having a plan.


Next, focus on details. Determine the breakfast that you must cook for the first week. Check the clothes that he will wear. Just like any other social stories, you must prepare your kid for any unexpected situations that can possibly happen. Don’t just assume that they can remember what happened during their last school days. Also, don’t assume that they can acquire new skills immediately especially with their first day at the new school year.

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