How to face the business world as what it expects – The pre MBA phase

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The best thing about business management field is that, when an engineer is sweating buckets in a sunny construction field, you can sit back and carefully analyze your laptop inside an air conditioned cubicle and probably make as twice as an engineer. That’s the harsh truth. That’s exactly why most of the science graduates are switching careers along their way. The outcome of this is competition.

In the realistic world, stating that you’re a pure finance graduate is just not enough. The best way to combat this competition in the business is by acquiring the necessary academic qualifications. This is where the MBA comes into play.

Most of the people in the industry want to carry the MBA recognition along with their name only to realize that it pretty much doesn’t mean anything in the real competition. If you’re planning on taking on an MBA, you need to focus on 3 major criteria;

  • Where you’re going to do it?
  • What are the contents of the course?
  • How long will it run for?

A Master in Business Management will shine if it is acquire from a well recognition institution. But you should not follow the trends but pay attention to the recognition deciding factors such as the credibility of the institution, the global and local rankings and so on. As long as they’re satisfactory, you must then proceed to the second deciding criterion.

The contents of the degree or simple, what you will be learning is as important as the first criterion. Because it won’t be so useful if you followed a lousy degree in a good university. Identification of the right subjects to major is what must be done here. Under these circumstances, choosing a double mba singapore is the best thing to do. Usually, the MBA specialize you in one subject whilst the double provides you with dual qualification. Let it be finance and Human Resource Management or so, coupling a great pair subjects will help you attract too many jobs with very attractive salaries.

As a manager or a professional in the business industry, the more skills you have, the more important you would be. That is since most of the modern corporations do not seek to go through the tedious recruitment, selection and hiring process but to promote job rotation and interior recruitment. Hence, being that well capable employee in the first is the only push that you need to go up the ladder.

The third criterion is the time, which we all do not have of plenty.  But it would foolish to settle down for trivial course periods when some of the well-recognized institutions are offering the comprehensive course to be completed in just 18 months. That’s rapid success stays for a lifetime.



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