What are the Types of Anger?

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In our daily life we tend to do stuffs that we might regret the next day. But the question is what are those circumstances and what are the possible solution for such cases? This article will give further examples and situations.

Anger can somehow be a good way to the immune system since it is still a natural response that would help you to protect yourself however too much of the negative thoughts will cause you all sorts of disorders. It is a way to stand for your rights and others.

Listed below are some of the types of anger:

  • Passive anger is a type of anger that are not usually felt by the beholder. It does not always come across as anger and it is shown by apathy, sarcasm or meanness.
  • Aggressive anger is somehow the opposite of passive anger, the beholder is aware with it even though they are not truly aware with it. Also, it can result in physical damages to people or property since they somehow divert their anger since it is too difficult to deal with.
  • Chronic anger is a prolonged or long lasting emotions from a person’s surrounding with unlimited reasons such as betrayal, abandonment and losing your loved one. Also, it is not a singular disorder rather it comes from mental and emotional disorder.
  • Judgmental anger may not seem a big deal, but still it does not make it right. Such case often make other people feel or look worse and they put down other people in public in order for them to feel better than them.
  • Volatile anger or its more serious form is a intermittent explosive disorder. In such case the persons burst out its anger in a very inappropriate time.

You could distinguish that you have such case if you’ll feel a tingling, headache, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations. If such symptoms are confirmed get help and you might want to consider an anger management course singapore. It would help you to learn the process of recognizing signs that you are becoming angry and the actions you must do to calm down and contemplate.


Also, it is the first step for you to become a better person or a better version of yourself. One of the best solution for chronic disorder is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) it involves learning the possible cause and creating patterns of behavior and emotions in order to assess a persons thoughts. You might also want to try self reflection or bible studies.

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