Reasons as To Why Students Struggle With Math

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Mathematics is not easy by any means. While some children thrive in math when they were younger as they grow older they seem to loathe the subject vise verse certain children have weak mathematical skills when they were younger but seems to have advanced skills when they grow older. While the general IQ of a person does calculate the math skills of an individual there’s always room to improve especially an aptitude such as math. While creativity is gifted to certain people you can gift yourself through polishing your math skills as it develops through hard work, practice, determination and dedication. But if it’s a skill you can develop yourself why Students do often complain math is hard? There are many reasons from attention problems to computational math weaknesses shown below are some of the chief reasons as to why students struggle to advance in math.

Learning Disabilities and lack of Attention

Students who suffer from dyscalculia generally have a difficult time understanding mathematics. As they have a hard time recognizing numbers, arithmetic, comprehending sequences, comparing values and making accurate estimates. By struggling to process math related problems such students often tend to fall behind their classmates in math and have difficulties with number related concepts that does not usually improve with practice. Students who suffer with math anxiety and phobias doesn’t simply like math but fear it. They fear of failure and the ability to perform well in examinations. Such children lacks the confidence to perform well in the subject and tend to forget everything they know or freeze In the presence of math problems. As math is considered to be mega boring children pay a very little attention towards the subject it is the teacher’s responsibility to spice up the teaching in order to gain the children’s undivided attention.

Poor Foundation

Difficulties in math is not all about learning disabilities. Many students struggle with the subject mainly because they were not provided and thought the proper foundation needed to excel in math. Essentially math should be thought in a way that is easy and interesting to comprehend. They should be thought to use their mathematical skills not only in the classroom but in practical day to day activities as well. Proper teaching methods used at an early stage of leaning math will greatly improve your passion towards the subject after all you won’t hate what you can understand. Additional mathematics tuition for o level Singapore will assist you to enhance your math skills intestacy your interest in math.

Attitude and Lack of Connection

Your success in every aspect of life depends on your attitude. The positive mindset of a student is crucial for the child to excel in each and every subject. As math has a universal notion of being hard many children tend to doubt their abilities to ace this subject. Self-doubt will in turn highly affect the learning ability of the child and his performance. By developing a positive attitude towards the subject you can fight your fears and perform well. Also students should be able to develop a proper connection between the subject and themselves. By not treating the subject like your worst nightmares in real life try forming a bond with the subject to gain better results. 


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