How To Unlock Your iPhone

The Apple company is very widely known all over the world. It is in constant competition with Android phones as Apple phones are based on a completely different operating system called the iOS. Although a little expensive, Apple phones are famous and sought after because of their security. They have world-class security and apart from having completely secure browsers via which no virus can enter your device, these phones are difficult to unlock if you’ve forgotten your passcode. Normally, you would have to call customer service but that would erase all, if not most, of your data and files. A phone like would not be of much use anymore. However, unlocking your phone isn’t impossible. Many of you may now be wondering so how do you actually unlock your iPhone?

Here are some ways that you can unlock your phone without losing your data.

Technique 1- Using iCloud to unlock your phone.

First things first, go to the given link

Then use your Apple id and password to sign into iCloud

On top of your browser, you will notice the option ‘All Devices’. Go to it and click it. When you go to ‘All Devices’, you will notice that there are different options for you to select from- iPod, iPad or iPhone. These options are given so that you can select the device of which you want the data to be erased.

After you have selected your device, click ‘Erase’ to reset its passcode and erase the device. When you finish doing this, you can restore your most recent data using the setup assistant on your device. Now you have an unlocked phone which has all its data intact.

Note: If you cannot remember your Apple id and password, click on ‘Forgot Apple ID or password’. You can find this option here how do you actually unlock your iphone?

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Technique 2-  Using iTunes to unlock your iPhone

Having an iPhone, you surely must have connected it to a PC or a laptop so that you can use iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your PC or laptop in the same manner you usually do. What this will do is it will sync your phone hence creating a backup of all your data. Next, restore your iPhone. You will then see some options regarding backups of data. Click on the most recent one. The process is done. Now you can use your unlocked iPhone without any problem or loss of data.

Technique 3- Using Recovery Mode to unlock your iPhone

Switch off your iPhone. (complete shutdown)

Plug in your device to the PC or Laptop while simultaneously pressing and holding the Home button. You will see that your device has turned on by itself. Until you see the option that allows you to connect to iTunes, keep pressing the Home button on your iPhone. By doing this, you will sync your phone, thereby allowing all your data and files to be backed up. After this, restore your iPhone. You will be presented with various options asking you about the backup of your data. Click on the most recent backed up data. There you have it! You can now keep enjoying using your unlocked iPhone once again.

Technique 4- Using Siri to unlock your iPhone.

Call on Siri for help by pressing the Home button on your iPhone

When Siri appears, ask it the time. Siri will then proceed to tell and show you the time. Click on the image of the clock. What you will see is the World clock /Alarm clock/ Stopwatch/ Timer screen. Leaving the first 3, click on the 4th (Timer) option, Select ‘When timer ends’ option and select ‘Buy more Tunes’. (the option is available at the top of the Ringtones list)